Originally from Asia, carp were first introduced into New York State waters in 1831 to provide another food fish. Currently found in waters across the state, carp can grow quite large, with the state record carp being 50 pounds 4 ounces. While the likelihood of anglers encountering a carp of that size is low, New York has many waters with abundant carp in the 10-30 pound range.

Carp can be taken by several angling methods. For information on traditional angling methods, see Let's Go Carp Fishing (PDF).

For those anglers wishing to try to bow-fish for carp, you should be aware that the Environmental Conservation Law states that, "Any person who has a fishing license or a small game hunting license, or is entitled to fish without a license may take carp of any size and in any number by longbow from May 15 through September 30 from any water in the state where fishing and the discharge of a bow is permitted." No other fish may be taken with a bow. It is the responsibility of the person discharging a bow to follow all state laws and local ordinances.

For additional information on carp, see New York's Larger Unusual Fish.

More information can be found at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website.

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