Skaneateles Creek

A brush and tree lined cold water stream, Skaneateles Creek gets it’s exceptionally cold and clean water from Skaneateles Lake, and flows north for 14 miles before draining into the Seneca River. A 10.2 mile stretch of this stream has a special regulation, no-kill artificial lures only section. A no-kill stretch of stream is just as the name implies, No fish may be killed/kept and no live bait can be used for angling. The section begins just North of the Village of Skaneateles, and continues down stream to the Village of Jordan. There are many access points via road right of ways and the public Erie Canal Park in Jordan. Onondaga County Parks Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery stocks nearly 2,000 rainbow trout, at 24 access spots on the stream each spring. Cool water temperatures and good bank cover have enabled good holdover of stocked rainbow trout and the establishment of a good wild brown trout population.

Access Points