Geddes Brook

Geddes Brook (in the Town of Camillus) is a clear, cold water, trout stream that flows for over 4 miles through densely populated residential and commercial areas. Geddes Brook is a tributary to Nine Mile Creek, and connects west of the NYS Fairgrounds before entering into Onondaga Lake. Before it’s convergence with Nine Mile Creek over 17 acres of buffering wetlands have been restored, to ensure the good water quality of the stream. Access can be easily obtained due to the streams close proximity to many houses, roads, and businesses. Town of Camillus Shove Park is a public access point, and hosts an annual kids fishing derby. Onondaga County Parks Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery stocks over 1,000 trout annually, some fish are over 20” long. Although this little stream flows through neighborhoods, and past countless businesses, the wild and stocked trout have adapted to their close proximity to the hustle and bustle of human traffic.


Access Points