Otisco Lake

Otisco Lake is the most easterly of the eleven Finger Lakes. It lies wholly within Onondaga county near the city of Syracuse. Otisco Lake is seventh in size among the Finger Lakes. Otisco Lake is divided into two distinct basins by a causeway at the south end. The southern smaller basin is shallow, and extremely turbid which contrasts sharply with the relatively clear water of the main lake.

The north end is noted for good panfishing, bass fishing, and tiger musky fishing. During routine fishery surveys on the lake largemouth bass over 20 inches are frequently collected. Walleye fishing is good during the spring, early summer, and fall. Casting from shore, or from the causeway after dark with stick baits works well for walleye. Brown trout can be caught in the spring by trolling. Tiger musky provide a unique trophy, and Otisco Lake may well be one of the best waters in the state for this fish. Tiger's are most often caught in the weedbeds at the north and south ends. The north end usually freezes over most winters and offers good ice fishing.

When to Fish

Ice Fishing:

  • Townships:Spafford, Otisco
  • Species:Walleye, Panfish, Tiger Musky, Brown Trout
  • Comments:2,200 acres; north end very good for ice fishing


For more information, visit the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website.

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