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Ninemile Creek

Ninemile Creek (also called Nine Mile Creek) begins it’s 22 mile flow, at Otisco Lake and flows north through the villages of Marcellus and Camillus, before draining it’s cold water into Onondaga Lake (just west of the New York State Fairgrounds).The medium sized stream can be dissected into three sections. The upper section from Otisco lake (to the village of Marcellus), and the lower section from Camillus village (to Onondaga Lake) gets warm during the summer, and the trout will emigrate to cooler water. Warm-water species are more abundant than trout. The middle section has the most cold water influence, and has some of the best trout habitat. With the recent addition of stream improvements this section has become even more fertile. With 5 miles of public fishing rights (PFR) and 5 designated parking areas the middle valley section of the creek is most popular.

Nearly all of the species that swim in the waters of Onondaga Lake, and Otisco Lake can be caught in the clean cool waters of Nine Mile Creek.

Onondaga County Park Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery stocks Nine Mile creek with over 27,000 brook and brown trout, more than 7,000 of those stocked are larger than 13”. A good stocking program, combined with a healthy population of wild trout, and a close proximity to metropolitan Syracuse; you can see why Nine Mile Creek is a very popular fishing destination.

For more information please visit The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website.

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