Carpenter's Brook is accessible.

Carpenter's Brook

Carpenter’s Brook is a small trout stream that meanders north from the town of Skaneateles for 7 miles; before draining into the Seneca River near Cross Lake. The lower sections of the stream suffer from siltation issues, and some fish species from the Seneca River migrate into the creek to enjoy it’s cooler temperatures. The upper stream is cool throughout the year, and is also the stream side home to Onondaga County Parks Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery. There are multiple public  access points on the brook. Look for the signs allowing fishing access. A small section of Public Fishing Rights have been secured near the Old Route 31 crossing. Onondaga County Parks Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery annually stocks nearly 2,000 brown trout into Carpenter’s Brook at 12 access points. Carpenter’s Brook has many things going for it. Two of which are it’s good source of cold water year round, and it’s the home of a great fish hatchery. Coupled together this combination makes for some memorable trout fishing.

Access Points